I heard people change with time. 

Now I see you’ve changed too. 

We live in a world where most people are scared to show love. 

Nowadays everything looks scripted.  

Boys scared to show love and be responsible. 

Girls only want compliments once it’s scripted.

Tell her it’s from the heart and she will doubt you. 

Hit her with her favorite movie line and she’s on her knees already. 
I always thought we were meant to be together. 

I used to believe we were partners.   

Now you and I are history.  

I sit alone thinking about the things you used to say. 

Now that there’s no more you ,

What do I do now ?

Am planning on burning bridges just to keep my distance.   

Cause love also means letting go. 

I will still care for you cause you earned it. 

You were supposed to ride with me till the end.                                                                                 

I guess my ride or die is on another ride. 

All your girlfriends say you’ve changed since we broke up. 

According to some every Uber you get in is requested by a different name.                  You used to be a small town girl,  now you’re living the Hollywood  dream.

Now I have seen you made a name for yourself in the Alley. It hurts me cause I still care. 

I have to learn how  to let you go forever.    I wish you well with your new life. I will try and rewrite another story. Just that this time, the story lasts forever. 


Author: Dess

I am everything except perfect.

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